Industry Analysis

Our resources describe and analyze thousands of industries. We draw upon publications from experts in government, trade and professional associations, universities, and private consulting firms.

Key Sources

You will find that our sources represent major publishers in their field. Some of them include the following:

  • Standard & Poors Industry Surveys
  • First Research
  • Plunkett Research Online
  • Hoovers Online

Indicators and Trends

Indicator and trend analysis are essential for a solid understanding of how well an industry is performing and where it is going. We can assist you in finding many of the following kinds of information for your industry:

  • Major indices of growth, production, consumption and demand
  • Financial and industry ratios
  • Forecasts, estimates & projections

For your industry we will look for…

  • National and global trends
  • Product share distribution
  • Types and quantities of materials consumed
  • Geographic concentrations
  • Revenues and income of major companies
  • Key regulations
  • Guidelines for evaluating companies
  • Breakdown of market segments
  • Number of establishments & payrolls

Industry Analysis Mapping

Let us map your industry for you with our Geographic Information System (GIS) technology that takes information and turns it into maps.  Our maps will reveal strategic information about your industry in formats designed to accompany your market presentations and published reports.  We can deliver your custom maps to you both as interactive PDF files and in large format prints up to 42” wide.