International Markets

The explosion of global trade has made the world flat.  Now your customers and competitors are anywhere and everywhere on the planet and many of the old barriers between trading partners are gone. 

Finding Foreign Trading Partners

Let us find business contacts for you around the world.  Detailed information on thousands of companies in hundreds of countries is available in our Kompass database.  This rich resource locates buyers and suppliers by highly specific product descriptions.  Full contact information is there for every entry.

Another international company directory is MDDI Global Reach database, which allows downloading of company prospects by country and by type of product or service.

Hot Overseas Markets for Oklahoma

PIERS is a database of water shipments between Oklahoma and countries all over the globe.  You’ll get details on specific products shipped, their weight and value, date of shipment and country of origin or destination.  This is an excellent tool for learning about the major traders in Oklahoma, the primary products being shipped, and the foreign countries of most intense trade.